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Phone numbers:


Preferred means of contact -- email or phone:




1.How long have you been practicing yoga?


2.With whom have you studied? What styles were taught?


3.Explain your current practice. (Include asana, pranayama, meditation, prayer or other.)


4.What do you like most about your current practice?


5.Are you interested in teaching or primarily in deepening your personal practice?


6.For what reason(s) are you interested in this program?


7.Are the people in your life supportive of your yoga practice and your interest in teaching yoga?

8.What obstacles to your dedication to this program do you see?

9.Explain your strengths and what areas you believe need improvement.

10.What are you doing to improve yourself?

11.Do you currently teaching yoga?

12.What is your occupation?

13.What are your primary interests and activities?

14.What are you passionate about? How do you fulfill that passion?

15.What are your present spiritual practices?

16.What degrees and/or certificates do you currently hold?


       Please mail application with $25 application fee and a written reference from one of your yoga teachers. The $25 will apply toward tuition and be refunded if the training session is cancelled.

Here Yoga and

Heart Mountain Yoga School

2137 Kerper Blvd North

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