Deepening one's practice means journeying inward.  Teaching too, comes from an inward journey.  In both, we learn to offer ourselves, authentically.


If you are interested in learning about yourself, about the time-honored tradition of the 8-limbed path, about how yoga works from the outside in and inside out, about how to safely practice and teach asana and pranayama, about teaching methodology and ethics, about anatomy and physiology as it applies to yoga, about the subtle energy body then please READ ON.... 



Laura offers workshops ranging from short extended practice sessions to weekend long trainings.  Please check the schedule tab to see where she's teaching next.  


If you're a studio owner, program director or Teacher Training Program Director, you can contact Laura directly to schedule a short session, several different sessions or an entire wekeend workshop.  She'll work with you to customize a workshop that meets your and your students desired learning objectives.


Laura's professional manner, quick intellect and engaging personality offer students a rare opportunity to learn and experience yoga and yoga therapy in a safe, open and supportive environment. She combines lecture, facilitated discussion and experiential activities to deepen the students' learning process. 


Yoga Therapy
  • What is yoga therapy and what are the tools used by a yoga therapist? Primarily a lecture class.

    • Components include:  What differentiates yoga therapy from yoga; IAYT and certification; how yoga therapists work, uppayam or tools of yoga, survey of the models used in yoga therapy.  

  • Applying therapeutic concepts in a group class setting:  Safety first, function over form, sequencing 

    • Components include:  Observation of students, languaging, appropriate assistance, intent as a teacher, intent of each pose in a practice, how to shift a pose given individual limitations & still achieve function over form, sequencing to include appropriate neutralization and counterposing, beginning and ending a class and ways to sequence that include therapeutic concepts.

  • Therapeutic approaches from the ground up:  Tools for injury prevention/recovery from the toes to the neck

    • Components include:  how to work with injuries (yoga-related or otherwise), the idea of creating space in joints & how we therapeutically work with injuries.  Time spent with specific injuries.

  • Yoga Therapy in practice:  Delve deeply into some commonly used models in yoga therapy

    • Components include: The chakra model, pancha maya model, gunas and kleshas discussion and application as individual models with experiential case study activities.  Other models and layering of models can be addressed in a longer form of this workshop. 


200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training
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Continuing Education


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Here's what people are saying...

"THANK YOU for your generosity in sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm and love of teaching with us!"  Sandy N., RYT200


"Laura's wonderful energy and ability to connect to everyone in the group made the weekend not only efficient and effective, it was also fun! Just what I wanted for my group of YTTs! Thank you Laura, you brought so much to us! Angela P, Studio owner, VA Beach, VA


"Laura is a wonderful and inspiring teacher. She has so much knowledge and insight..."  Linda S, Cody, WY


"I REALLY appreciated the practice you developed for me.  I think every one would want a practice developed personally for them!"  Jill S, workshop participant


"... I remembered that 15+ years ago, I had thought about teaching yoga, and did not follow up on it due to my weight issues.  Now I want others to know that yoga has nothing to do with having a svelte body and being athletic, we all get to practice yoga at whatever level we are at.  Laura is the main reason I have been able to continue on this path."  Lynn E., RYT200

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