Here's why people love yoga vacations..

Comments from Santa Fe, NM, 2013


The overall experience was a relaxing, enjoyable time with lovely and interesting women. It was the right amount of private time and group fun mixed with introspection and yoga. The yoga was geared to the small group and to each of us as individuals. I appreciated the personal instruction and considerations. Laura always intuitively or perceptively knows exactly what one needs and I always learn something new!-- L.S.


Laura is a unique and inspired yoga teacher and leader. Her knowledge comes through easily with confidence and caring. She is detail oriented so each persons's particular needs are addressed, watched and managed. This is my 3rd trip with her and with an injury, yet I feel very safe in Laura's hands. It's wonderful to share the experience of a new place and new people with Laura who puts so much care and love into the planning and arranging to make it special for everyone.-- M.L.


Comments from Tuscany, 2013.  


There is nothing like yoga with Laura in a different part of the world.  It truly changes the way you think about life, other countries and cultures as well as yourself. --M.S.


I loved EVERYTHING we did!!!   Everything was so perfect!!!!! Thanks again for all your hard work, it was truly a trip of a lifetime!!!! Looking forward to going on additional trips in the future!!!!! -- B.J. 


Laura led a well organized trip with many fun and interesting activities and excursions in Tuscany. Loved the remote location with the community atmosphere with all the rooms of the participants in the same house. Group size small and intimate so gave me the opportunity to get to know everyone. Each yoga class was a bit different with nice variety.  Can't wait till the next trip. -- K.N.




In January of 2012, I attended my first yoga vacation with Laura and the Here Yoga group. The experience was relaxing and energizing, all at the same time.  Although I had been to Mexico numerous times previously, this vacation was refreshingly different. The setting was much less commercial and informal. The vacation compound was a short walk from the beach and the village. There were many options for activities and excurstions as well as the twice daily yoga classes. You could be as active or laid back as you please. The food provided was phenomenal!  I look forward to attending another of Laura's well planned yoga vacations in the future.-- C.I.

I'm an adventurer and a traveler, and somewhat new to yoga.  I went to Peru with Laura in September, 2013, and it was truly the trip of a lifetime. I've told everyone I know that you've just got to go on a "Laura Vacation"!-- J.P.