Vacation Philosophy


Vacations are all about traveling,  having fun, relaxing, getting out of your daily routine and experiencing new locales and cultures.   Laura believes that yoga can be a significant part of a vacation, but shouldn’t be the sole focus of a trip.  So rather than call these trips “ yoga retreats”, she calls them Yoga Vacations.  On a yoga vacation, we practice yoga, often twice daily.  We also schedule in excursions to learn about local culture and/or history, and to partake in the best that a location has to offer.  For example, we sample local cuisine, have quality beach time, provide opportunities for a wide range of water sports, hiking,  and exploring local markets.  Depending on locations, there are opportunities for bodywork, massage and other healing modalities. 


We invite you to join us on vacation—it’ll be one of the best things you ever do for yourself!  No yoga experience necessary, classes are appropriate for all levels and backgrounds.

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Come join jj & Laura in Peru where you’ll spend 8 days in the Sacred

Valley of the Incas, the cultural center of Peru. We’ll learn about
Andean textiles, local culture, partake in a Peruvian cooking class, hike
and explore a wide array of Incan Ruins, and, of course, enjoy daily yoga
(no prior experience necessary) in this amazing locale.  Surya-Chandra
trips have become known for having lots of “extras” included in the price
that if you were to price the entirety of the trip and go on your own, this
trip would easily be $4500.  Instead, enjoy group discounts,

Englishspeaking guides and a personalized tour of some of the most beautiful
scenery in the world with like-minded individuals looking for a healthy
and fun vacation.

Puerto Morelos Mexico

19 - 26 January 

Join Laura in Puerto Morelos Mexico where you will spend 7 days 

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